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“Ecosystem Solutions exceeded our expectations and I have no difficulty in recommending them to other clients seeking a high degree of professionalism and an outcome focus.”

Damien Hills, GM South West Catchments Council

Contact our professional bushfire specialists to see how we can help your project navigate the complex world of bushfire planning.

We combine knowledge and real-world experience to protect your property from bushfire

Why is fire risk assessments and bushfire planning important?


We are fortunate to live in a country which is abundant with natural beauty, but bushfire is a significant part of our natural landscape and cannot be ignored. Every season we witness areas in Western Australia which are impacted by bushfire and the devastation it has to the environment and to families affected by it. The good news is you can increase your property’s chance of surviving a bushfire by taking a number of bushfire management actions.

How do we do this?

Help you to understand how bushfire regulations impact your proposed development.

Provide opinions and reports on the viability and likely bushfire implications of land or building investment proposals for due diligence purposes.

Regardless of whether you are developing or have an existing property, our team of bushfire planning consultants will review your site to assess the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) which describes the level of threat of bushfire from your surrounding environment. Based on your BAL and your intended use for a property, Local Government may also require that you provide a Bushfire Management Plan (BMP) or a Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plan (BEEP).


Regardless of what your needs and requirements are, we can assist to:

Liaise with government agencies and key stakeholders acting on your behalf to present workable solutions to any development issues which may arise.

Clarify ways to legally reduce hazards.

Establish easy-to-follow sustainable bushfire protection measures which you can apply to your property or development for maximum effect.

Explain and prepare reports for inclusion in development applications which meet Local, State and Federal Government requirements.

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